When it comes time for maintenance of your Volvo, who can you trust for high-quality parts that are guaranteed to extend the life or your vehicle and maintain its long-term value? Only your regional authorized Volvo dealer has access to the exclusive database of factory quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for every element of your vehicle. Whether you need new headlights, bumpers, alloy wheels, or computer sensors, we can special order everything you need right down to the last washer. These genuine Volvo parts are the same parts that were installed on your vehicle at the factory and the same parts our technicians use to service the fleet of Volvo's that regularly come in for service. Genuine Volvo parts retain the same prestigious commitment to safety, engineering, and quality as the Volvo brand itself.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Higher Quality

There is no competition when it comes to genuine Volvo stock OEM parts produced by the original equipment manufacturer. No one has more on the line in ensuring the reputation of the Volvo brand than Volvo. Volvo is a multi-billion dollar automotive manufacturer with all the resources to ensure that every lot of OEM parts is bench tested and scrutinized for manufacturing defects. The same cannot be said about no-name aftermarket car parts producers who try to capitalize off Volvo's investment by producing large volumes of parts overseas from the cheapest materials at rock bottom prices. These aftermarket parts are prone to defects, premature failure, and installation complexities.

When you compare genuine Volvo parts with aftermarket parts side by side, the distinguishing factors are very clear. OEM parts use ultra-durable rubbers that you can feel the sponginess and feel the durability of when you press them. Aftermarket parts are made of base-grade rubbers that feel more like plastic and are prone to premature deterioration. The OEM parts are often made of the strongest ABS plastics that have a tone like hard steel when you tap them and hold up to extreme temperatures. Knock-off parts are made of cheap plastics that will melt and turn brittle in extreme temperatures. OEM parts use the highest grades of pressure forged metal alloys for extended durability rather than the tinny cheap gravity forgings used by many aftermarket manufacturers.

Warranty and Support

OEM Brakes and Parts

All genuine Volvo parts come with a limited one-year warranty, the industry standard. When your OEM part fails prematurely, you can bring your vehicle to any Volvo dealer for a free repair or replacement if an authorized Volvo technician installed it. If you purchase the part and had it installed elsewhere, we may have to charge you a disassembly fee before we replace the part. We cannot be held responsible for parts that are not properly installed. Aftermarket companies are unable to provide a warranty in the majority of cases. When they provide warranty protections, you have to mail these products long distances at the risk of rejection on any grounds.

Proper Fit and Ease of Replacement

Easy Brake Installations

There is no substitute for genuine Volvo parts. Our OEM parts are a direct fit for any item on your vehicle. There is no guesswork involved of whether the part is compatible or defective after an installation. Considering the complexity of today's autos, you are likely to pay more for the hassle of dealing with an aftermarket part than you can potentially save on price. Volvo technicians do not like to work with cheap parts because they often do not fit correctly. Our parts counter computer technicians order the parts from our exclusive Volvo factory catalog according to your VIN number to ensure a custom fit for your ride every time.


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